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Đây lầ Plugin tạo trang diễn đàn , tích hợp vào WordPress, Plugin rất dễ sử  dụng với tính năng cơ bản nhất của Forum như : đăng ký thành viên, Post bài , Reply , tạo chữ  ký diễn đàn .
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Đối với theme Thesic, genesic mặc định đã có page dạng landing , không có sidebar phù hợp để tạo trang diễn đàn , các theme khác cần tìm thủ thuật ẩn sidebar cho trang nhất định .
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Chúc bạn thành công !

Have you been looking for a Forum Plugin for WordPress that just works? Then look no further! WordPress Forum has been modified to be lightweight, solid, secure, quick to setup, easy to use. The mission of  this plugin is, to KEEP IT SIMPLE There are a handful of Forum Plugins for WordPress available but they are either super buggy, difficult to install, or so bloated with features and settings that its a nightmare setting them up. Dont do that to yourself!!! You can be up and running with WordPress  Forum fully installed and configured in as little as 5 minutes


  • NEW! Create a corresponding Forum post when you create a WordPress post
  • NEW! User Signatures (instead of Bio)
  • NEW! Lock entire forums
  • Image uploads on New Posts and Replies
  • SEO Friendly forum URLs
  • Forum Sitemap (../wp-content/plugins/mingle-forum/sitemap.php)
  • Integrated HTML areas for adsense or affiliate links
  • Media embedding into forum posts (like Youtube, Flickr, Photobucket…)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Quick Reply
  • WordPress 3.x ready!
  • Categories with sub-forums
  • User Groups
  • User Levels (EX: Newbie, Beginner, Advanced, Pro)
  • Moderators
  • Skins
  • Captcha
  • BB Code
  • Smilies
  • Custom Forum Search
  • Guest posts (See Mingle Forum Guest Info add-on by wpweaver)
  • Hot/Very Hot topics
  • Sticky (Pinned) Topics
  • Move, Edit, Remove and Close topics
  • Email notifications on Replies to Topics
  • Email notifications on new Topics in Forums
  • Recent posts widget (or PHP shortcode for your theme)
  • Integrates nicely with most themes (Its tough to make it work for all themes so some skin modifications may be required for your site)
  • Allow/Dis-allow other users to view your profile from the Forum
  • Supports internationalization/localization
  • Integrates with the Mingle plugin (by Blair Williams) NOTE: The Mingle plugin is NOT required for the forum to work
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